the electric goose!

You heard it here first! Now with power, phone (417-764-3086) and Internet!
 And water! When I saw Dave digging up the pipe from well to pump yesterday, I was terrified. Everything we have done so far was predicated on having water. But the new pump is functioning and all is well. Fingers crossed. I am planning to sleep here tonight so I can paint floor first thing in the ayem. Also so I don't have to drive a hundred more miles with a screwed tire. Literally. Mr. Fixit used his compressor to put more air in yesterday, and so far has held (who knows how long that screw had been in there before the low pressure light came on?), but the tire places are closed today and tomorrow.


back and forth

There has been motion. I figured out that Dave likes to get everything going and then move from one task to the next in a round rather than completing one task and moving to another. I believe he is trying to calculate it so that everything will be finalized at the same time. Thus, he is rocking out and plumbing and doing electricals and carpentry all at the same time. However, today we suffered a setback. The tolet is in, the tub and kitchen sink are in process, but then it proved that something was wrong with the pump. We don't know what yet. Maybe tomorrow.


the junk

My stuff—bathtub, sink, cabinets, hot water heater—fetched up in Randy's Garden of Earthly Delights. That's it under the tarp. Alas, the crucified, green Chatty Cathy sculpture is there too, the one I'd hidden from the neighbors in the deep recesses of my closet. One of the Christian Aid Ministries people told Randy, "I don't know what that there is, but I ain't touching it!" Retreived an Eames chair, a stepladder (I had just bought another) and a couple more things. But still plenty left. I wasn't willing to crawl through the chiggers and under the tarp any longer to find out what.


to the rescue

This is Dave. He is a carpenter, plumber, electrician, mason, ac tech and all round fixit guy. He put the windows and doors in, repaired the deck, hooked up the power and the well, rewired and plumbed the house—all in two weeks. He charged me $800. Cash. Doesn't have a bank account. He is going to try to install a kitchen sink today and turn on the water in the house.  We have both been sweating a lot. It approaches 100 degrees lately (in the Walmart parking lot I'm sure it's more). So I gave him some coconut water.



 Frank and Dianne's yellow table was a win. When I picked it up (thank goodness I have a truck!) they had it nicely set for two en plein air. The yellow fridge was a reject, however, as is the corner booth below. Just can't cope with the upholstery, however sixties.
  I am taking today off from lumber yards and driving. I have been driving more than 100 miles a day. Today I will only drive 50—to West Plains and back to do some laundry. Also I will never ever eat at MacDonald's again. So sick last night.


white out

 Don't even talk to my sister about my painting skills. Or my daughter. Or anyone else. But it seemed wise to throw something on the back wall before all kind of pipe was laid there. (It also seemed wise to paint the floor, but that didn't happen.) (Also my sister wants me to mop the floor many times before painting it.) (Very hard to paint with people traipsing in and out with lumber and pipe glue.) (Or even mop.) (So I let other projects move forward.) Anyway, I scraped the back wall and wire brushed it and vacuumed, but as I rolled the paint on, old layers of paint rolled off onto the roller. I went through a couple, but still had to scrape paint chips off. The result was a lot of paint on me as well as the wall, the floor and etc.



See that line about a foot from the ceiling? That's where the floodwater got to.
Flushed with enthusiasm about the well water yesterday, I bought a stepstool, paint brushes, three bitter melons, a pair of flipflops for Caylee, a parsley plant and a toilet (called a "stool" here), to add to the thousands of dollars of other shit I had already bought.
 Then I got out to the Goose and found no one there. It was too late in the day to begin painting out those watermarks. I am hopeful that if no one else gets anything done today, at least I will. I'm sick of shopping.
Postscript: The cows got out, and by the time Carpenter/Plumber/Electrician Dave had rounded them up in the woods it was too hot to do anything but sit in front of the ac.


water water everywhere

Cydnee splashes in the water being pumped out of my well. Mud came out at first, but then the water ran clear. They pumped for an hour or so, then dumped in chlorine and pumped again. Looks like I'll be able to mop, paint and install a pot to piss in. The plan is to paint this weekend, and I believe I have settled on the swimming-pool color "Turtle," which I'm pointing to. My selection is influenced by the fact that Dianne has offered me a yellow formica table and chairs. And now Bill informs me that there is a yellow refrigerator for sale at the flea market. Might be destiny.


caylee has lunch

I was concerned when Caylee blew out her flipfop, because while Katie is picking raspberries, I am picking window glass from the yard, and there was the 4-year-old running around shoeless. She helped me scrape dead leaves from the porch and broke for a can of ravioli and a Pepsi for lunch.
   And here is the news from T'ville. Is it becoming a ghost town? What happened to families who lost everything? Where did all the money go?  Here is something getting done. And why do the rich get richer in disaster areas, according to Scientific American?


one week in

 As far as the view from the street goes, much progress has been made. Thanks to carpenter Dave and a window sash from Bill Dugan, the Goose is enclosed. All it lacks to be sewed up tight is the door hardware and some trim going on now. And there's power! Lights! Action!
    Nonetheless, I sat inside yesterday there feeling depressed. Without knowing what's up with the water and septic tank, it's hard to proceed. I can't even clean. Today due to make a plumbing run with Randy Marlow and then maybe we'll see.


the portrait chair

 This chair sits in the best light I have at the Goose. Yesterday a stream of visitors posed for me. Virginia and Randy Marlow are the two people who have made it possible for me to contemplate rebuilding. And today should decide it: If the well and pump are functional I may be in business. And the first thing I will do is repaint the floor. I loved the papaya pink I put down last year. But this is a new era. Swimming pool aqua? What do you think? Vote quick!


got the power

They came, they put in a new pole, they connected. They asked me whether I wanted an outlet on the pole, and I dithered and then said yes, thinking that maybe my Airstream pals, Texas Kate and Dennis, might want to hook up someday. So I hauled off to the closest hardware store and bought $80 worth of parts, which power dudes installed for me. Then, later in the day, I heard from Kate, saying they might come through for a couple days end of this month. So there you go!
   Plus, after ordering a new keyboard, my computer keyboard started working again. Apparently either baking in the truck or sitting in air conditioning suited it. So got the power to type again. My fingers seem to think better than my mouth. Hmm.